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Learn About Our "Why"
Learn About Our "Why"
Learn About Our "Why"

How We're Different

You want to know what you’re putting in your body. You want to know what works, what’s safe and what you can do to maintain your health. 

We understand that, and we’re going to make this easy.  

Honest Guidance

We partner with leading researchers to review the science and find the ingredients and formulations that will serve you best.  Our goals are safety, efficacy and bioavailability.

Superior Products

We find the best ingredients in the purest forms. No fillers or junk.  We submit everything to third-party laboratory testing and show you the results.

Transparent Practices

We provide complete transparency into our supply chain. We tell you the stories behind our sources and even provide photo tours of our facilities.

Your Mission: Better Health. Our Mission? Well, it's actually three missions.

#1. We Empower through Sharing Knowledge

99% of healthcare is self-care. And the first step in self-care is understanding health.  You can do that!  We'll help you by building up your knowledge of the four pillars of wellness: nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction.  In our newsletter we will also curate for you the latest research and findings on extending healthspan and longevity.

#2. We Donate to Fund Scientific Research

We will donate 10% of our profits to fund further research on aging and Alzheimer's. We were inspired to start Mimi & Boo by recent research that shows the impact of proper nutrition on slowing aging and disease progression, along with the importance of controlling inflammation, metabolic syndrome, stress and other factors.  Just ahead lie even more exciting discoveries, and we want to help get there!

#3. We Reduce Waste

Everyone hates plastic waste, and we're trying to help.  First, through reducing total waste from packaging.  Second, through a subscription model where monthly refills are sent in low-waste sachets.  Small refill packages also mean less fuel used in shipping.  

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