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Why Mimi & Boo?

My mother, Boo, died of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Her sister, Mimi, has symptoms.  I decided to start Mimi & Boo when I learned that healthspan -- the period of life with good health -- could be extended through exercise, sleep and proper nutrition, including supplementation, but that good information about supplements, trustworthy supplement brands and high-quality supplement products were hard to find.

I founded Mimi & Boo to make the products that I would trust for my own family.  I founded it to create the company I would buy from, with values and a mission I could support.  A company synonymous with safety, purity and quality.  A company dedicated to improving health and the planet.

I want you to have the best quality supplements, based on science, plus the best information on living a healthy life.

Health means time to be with your parents, your partner, your children, your friends, your fellow citizens. Time to do what you want with the life you have.

Welcome to this journey.  I am glad you’re here.

Benjamin Newland

CEO & Founder

We're an Open Book

We want to show you where each ingredient comes from and how each supplement gets made, step by step.  We'll show you the quality tests and the partner certifications.  We will make the science accessible.  We'll tell you about our contributions to research funding. We want to be your resource as you construct the pillars of good health in your life: sleep, exercise, stress management and nutrition.  Subscribe and we’ll bring you insightful articles, interesting book reviews, interviews on a wide range of topics and a “weekly wow” to help and inspire you. 

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